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Artist's Statement

My goal is to create and introduce people to fine art photography through works that depict and emphasis the wonderment and majesty of the world around us. A fine art photograph is one that emotes or gives voice to a sensory response and provides the viewer with a thought, or a feeling, that was not previously inchoate; it is made to the highest professional standards and archivally constructed. 

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I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland in 1984 and have had a long and rewarding career with the Department of the Army.  My interest in photography grew out of a fascination with intricate mechanical devices but it was not until later in life, when time and patience provided the necessary incubation, that a more thoughtful approach to photography nurtured a passion into what is now a life’s work.  I am self-taught, so my approach can at times be undisciplined, relying often on instinct at the expense of traditional rules.  Ultimately though art is a search - a search for the right light, the right angle, the right f-stop - manifested from the artist’s conceptual vision and aimed at producing an emotional response from a prospective viewer. 

While my photography started with documenting the lives of my children, as they grew – and invariably no longer cared for their picture being taken – I turned my lens on my surroundings.  At first it was the nuances of life, a scattered clutter of objects with little rhyme or reason; a potential abstraction or just an intriguing moment.  Then came landscapes and the emergence of a more complete and expansive vision. 

I had a darkroom when my children were born but that soon fell by the wayside with the demands of parenting and full time work there was no more opportunity for 8-hour darkroom sessions.  A second chance at following an artistic road came with career success, a Hasselblad and a new darkroom in 2002.  I explored large format but felt urgency in my work that required immediate feedback and realization – something not easily afforded by upside down renderings on a ground glass.

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 A life-long admirer of Ansel Adams, I apply a mastery of photographic technique to creating an artistic vision of natural surroundings.  Adams’ manipulation of the negative (his “score”) is accomplished today with a much-advanced set of instruments although the end result remains the same – striving for performance and an artistic end that goes beyond the initial capture.  My process is to utilize the modern darkroom to create fine art black and white photographs – not mere technical captures but manipulations of raw data to produce a piece that invokes a personal sense of accomplishment and conveys my artistic vision.  This process requires many techniques, some applied directly through the camera equipment – tilt/shift lens, panning ball heads – some computerized – detailed dodging and burning and intricate black and white conversions – to the archival construction of the final end product – the pigment print.

I seek to represent what is initially in my mind’s eye, sometimes it is grandeur, often ephemeral, occasionally enviable but it is always meant to provide another option, an un-singular vision, engineered to be moving, atypical, but true to what was felt as well as what was seen.

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